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Treats to Your Door

All of us who live in Southern Colorado love our rural lifestyle, the fresh air and freedom of country life, the watching of clouds skirting past the Huajatollas to sail the vastness of our wide-open sky, the tiptoeing past windows with deer just on the other side of the panes. We love the peace and quiet that comes to us here, far away from civilization's bustle.

But how many times, within our peace and quiet, have we sighed at the open door of fridge or cupboard, wishing there was something tasty that just didn't rest on our shelves? How often has city company announced a visit and here we stand with only oatmeal or dry popcorn to offer them. Can we count the number of wishes we've made that our local stores carried the hearty and artisanal baked goods and desserts that we crave? Heck, we don't even have a Truck Stop any longer to make midnight runs for Krusteaz Pancakes and imitation maple syrup.

Such longings have fed the inception of Anastacia's House Bakery, the brainchild and latest project of baker Annette Lucero and her chef-husband, Gordon. The idea? To deliver rustic sourdough breads and sweet pastries directly to local doors and driveways from their family kitchens at Quintana Ranch in Trujillo Creek, Weekly deliveries in the Las Animas and Huerfano County areas will make certain an ample supply of the breads and pastries of which we've all dreamt.

While you still won't be able to satisfy those late cravings with a spur of the moment midnight order, you can take advantage of their oven-to-door service routes to stock up on delicious, quality bakery treats in anticipation of the need.

And for that mid-morning work-break need, Anastacia's is happy to supply your office's employee break room or your customer reception area too!

Check out our menu at Order online, pay online for contactless delivery. They'll be out and about each week with two delivery routes.

Saturdays, 12pm-6pm, will see them navigating the dirt roads of the canyons west of Aguilar. The Canyons route covers Gulnare, Trujillo Creek, Mauricio Canyon, Aguilar and the black-top road in between with orders due by 9pm the Thursday prior. Tuesdays, 12pm-6pm, they'll be in the towns, covering Trinidad, Aguilar and Walsenburg with orders due by 9pm the Sunday prior. The cost of delivery is included in the prices and orders can also be made by phone 719.941.4005. If you don't live along one of their routes, they're glad to make arrangements to meet you for pick-up.

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