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Rewarming Instructions

It's our goal to delivery Anastacia's breads and pastries as fresh as possible, within hours of baking. Rewarming is a great way to return them to their fresh-out-of-the-oven perfection. This is, of course, not applicable for cakes and by no means necessary for our baked goods to be thoroughly enjoyed.

Sourdough breads are, of course, delicious sliced and toasted. Gordon likes to toast in a toaster only until warm, butter

Gordon's favorite way to warm tortillas is the traditional way over an open flame burner, flipping when it starts to char. The batch can be warmed together, though, in the same manner as the breads and rolls. Don't warm more than will be eaten immediately as they will loose their flexibility and softness.

Emapanadas and pie crusts will go slightly soft as they cool. You can crisp them up by reheating them on a flat pan or plate in an oven or toaster oven preheated to 350° for five to ten minutes (longer for pies). While heating these pastries in a microwave will warm them it will not bring back their crispy edges and will compress their flakey layers and so is not recommended.

Tom's Cinnamon Rolls can also be warmed in the oven but Annette's favorite way is in a steamer over already boiling water (depending on the steamer, the roll might have to be cut in half to fit around the steamer's center spindle). It's important for the water to be actively boiling with steam rising. Place the roll in the steamer and cover immediately. Leave only for 15-30 seconds to avoid the roll going soggy but, if done properly, the roll will have a delightful moistness and the glaze icing will melt to coat and soak into the inside layers. Eat as is or make even more decadent by pulling the layers apart and spreading cold butter.


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