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Bakery Improvements

Updated: Jun 29, 2021

It's an interesting thing to create a business in one's home and, while we've done a great number of things out of our crooked little mountain house, this one has its own special challenges. Anastacia's is fortunate to have Gordon, with his decades of experience running commercial kitchens, to help us with the set-up.

In our efforts to keep our space sanitary for food safety as well as to improve our work-flow for even more efficient order filling, we have many kitchen improvements in mind. The first step came about this last month as we replaced our old counter top (worn and scarred from the last three decades of family cooking). Now we have a beautiful new surface that is solid, intact, and so easily wiped clean!

The rest of the kitchen is undergoing a thorough deep cleaning in preparation for a new look and feel. Before the painting, though, we'll be repurposing an adjoining room to be a dedicated dough room complete with a work bench designed and crafted by Granddad Clyde years ago, a freshly tiled floor, and independent storage for all things bakery.

This old house has gone through so many iterations, as an art studio, massage office, home school, play space, sewing facility, and so much more. Dario even curated a museum here when he was a child and the marks on our ceiling attest to Dia's burgeoning juggling skills. But, even after all of our adventures, Anastacia's House Bakery, feels like it belongs here, has just been waiting in the wings for us to bring it into being. As we work, it seems to whisper in our ears about the lovely possibilities the future holds, both in this old place and as we eventually move up to Anne's actual House.

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